Whether you're wanting to capture a backyard party, a few shots for your brand, a sweet engagement, or a special girls night out, I'm all in! Whatever the occasion may be, big or small, it's worth being documented. Nothing can be too small to celebrate big! 
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I take your health and safety very seriously and am being as careful as possible during this season.  I am willing to prepare for and cooperate with any stipulations you put in place during our session.  Just leave a message about what you're expecting from me when you submit the contact form!

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To me, having a "consistent" aesthetic is less about a certain edit and more about a style of composition, posing, and use of lighting. I want pictures to have their own identity unique to the setting and the subject I'm working with while maintaining the methods I prefer and know to look best on camera. I'm always alternating between darker backgrounds with a concentration of light in the foreground, or all around bright and airy pictures.  

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Yes, but I'm still very new to the wedding industry. If you're interested in hiring me, shoot me an email and we can talk! Overall, I want your wedding day to be captured the best it can be, so if that means I'm still your first choice after discussing  expectations then yay! If not, I'm just as happy to refer you to photographers whose work I admire.

Do you photograph weddings?

Although I don't highlight this as much, I've assisted in photo shoots by styling  food, typically charcuterie boards. I've also been commissioned for watercolor paintings and am hoping to sell artwork through the site soon!

What other creative work do you offer?

Yes! - There will be a $10 charge for every extra image added to the digital package included in your session type.

Can i purchase additional photos?

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Premium Session
2 1/2 hours
Number of locations differ depending on client's preference
Full digital package of 50+


Regular Session
1 hour 
Number of locations differ depending on client's preference
Digital package of 30 images


Mini Session
30 minutes 
1 location
Digital package of 10 images


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"Holly is a wonderfully creative soul with an eye and appreciation for beauty that is amazing and such an inspiration! I love all of her photos and admire her ability to tell a story with a single image.  Everything she does has an element of magic and timeless beauty.  I can't wait to see where her talent takes her in the years ahead!"

- Debbie Wilson Photography 

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