"...to create an image that supports the memory of the moment."

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About holly

I'm Holly, a photographer from Chattanooga, TN. I recently graduated with a degree in interior design, and am currently working as an editorial marketer for Carley Summers, a designer and interior photographer in North Carolina. For as long as I can remember, I've loved to create and soak up the work of other artists,  In high school, I learned from a portrait photographer and took off from there, scheduling photo shoots independently and getting involved with a few other artists within the area to help style and photograph their work.  My interest in design has stemmed from the same love I have for photography - creating a scene within a frame and designing the elements of a space.

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| THe goal |

I approach photography as if I'm freeze framing a shot from a movie. It's about capturing the scene itself as much as it's about capturing you and your story. My goal is to create an image that supports the memory of the moment and draw attention to beauty that's in what's seemingly simple and ordinary. Whether it be the way someone smiles at another, or how light streams in onto the pages of a book, It's important to pay close attention to genuine interactions in order to best portray

the emotion within a given shot. I wish for every picture I take to look as natural as the scene would be in the times where no one is there to photograph it.

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